Grant Sung  
M. Arch.—University of Pennsylvania
Grant Sung received Bachelor of Arts and Master of Architecture degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. Practicing architecture in the Triangle since 1988, Mr Sung has served as the designer and project architect for several noteworthy residential, commercial, and institutional projects.

In 1994 and 1995, Mr Sung worked in Beijing, China, providing architectural design, facilities management, and construction supervision for Unisys Computers and the Friends of China Foundation among others. In addition to this design work, he analyzed China’s real estate development and architectural services markets for the US Department of Commerce, and authored three articles for Architectural Record, the profession’s leading journal.

Mr Sung’s architecture firm, GS Architecture, was established in order to apply the architect’s personal attention, design skill, and service to create architecture that studies and meets the needs, expectations, and constraints of the end-user clients.
 Bret Horton    
M. Arch.—Columbia University

Bret Horton earned his master of architecture from Columbia University. While in New York City, he worked with the 220-person firm of Robert A.M. Stern Architects. At Stern’s office, he worked on a diverse range of high-profile projects and was made the firm’s youngest project architect at the time. In New York he also worked with Gerald Allen Architect, where he learned the practice of worship space design, designing additions and renovations to several prominent historic churches.

In 2003, Bret settled in the triangle area of North Carolina. He worked at Weinstein Friedlein Architects in Chapel Hill and at the Freelon Group in Research Triangle Park. At Weinstein Friedlein, he honed his skills in residential design, and at the Freelon Group, he developed his technical design skills, working on a number of large public buildings that incorporated innovative building technologies. Sustainable design is integral to Bret’s work, and while at Freelon, he served as the LEED project team coordinator on several LEED certified projects, one of which, Durham’s South Branch Library, was awarded LEED Gold.